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We are northern Europe’s largest producer of customer specific industrial and scientific glass since 1994. We’re performing glass blowing and cold processing of borosilicate glass (Duran glass) as well as quartz glass with high precision and working after ISO 9000 guidelines. We have an international network of material suppliers, to in every case ensure competitive prices for the specific application according to our customers’ needs. Here’s some examples of fields and products we supply: 

  • Medical industry
  • Manufacturing industry
  • Energy and nuclear power
  • Laboratories
  • Universities and science
  • Photo/Flash industry
  • Oil and offshore
  • Analytical instruments
  • UV-lamps
  • Cuvettes
  • Grinding and polishing
  • Optical glass
  • Sight glass
  • Safety glass
  • Quartz ampules
  • Plane surface glass
  • Display windows
  • Glass capillaries
  • Repairs

Our clients are mostly located in Europe and North America, but we also ship worldwide. 

Quartz GLASS

Quartz glass (fused silica SiO₂) is a material with extraordinary properties and widely used in industry and re-search. Quartz glass has a unique ability to withstand large variations in temperature (thermal shock) and has a melting point at 1713ᵒC, but at manufacturing and processing of quartz temperatures around 2000ᵒC is needed.

Quartz glass is transparent for ultraviolet and infrared light which makes it useful for cleaning systems and infrared-heaters. In industries working with chemicals and at laboratories quartz glass is used because of its resistant properties against acids, bases and water with the exception from hydrofluoric acid, phosphoric acid and alkaline compounds.

Glaskomponent offers customer specific manufacturing and processing of various details made of fused quartz. We work both with quartz glass tubes and plane surface quartz glass. We perform both hot processing (glass blowing) and cold processing (grinding, cutting, etc.) of tubes and plane surface quartz.
We always have a standard assortment of tubes and plane surface quartz glass on stock to ensure fast deliveries upon our client’s needs.



At our facility in Marmaverken, Sweden we have adopted our work force and machinery for mainly prototype manufacturing as well as smaller series of precision glass details.


Since 1998 we have our subsidiary Glaskomponent OÜ in Tartu, Estonia.
Our focus is to produce larger series to competitive prices.


In the early 90’s our CEO Mikael Larsson was participating a scientific glass blowing education at the Swedish pharmaceutical company Pharmacia at their division for glass processing.
Pharmacia was later bought and restructured and the decision to dismantle the scientific glass blowing was taken.
Mikael took the opportunity to acquire the machinery and a part of the work force and formed Glaskomponent.

The company has since then developed in several directions:



Glaskomponent is founded, we are mostly supplying glass for the pharmaceutical industry. 




We start producing details made of quartz glass for the American and Swedish telecom industry.




We are expanding due to increased demand and forming our subsidiary Glaskomponent OÜ in Estonia.
The goal is to increase our capacity and competitiveness.




Acquiring a new glass lathe for hot precision works.




Together with Uppsala University we are developing a coating mixture for glass used in the photo flash industry for reduction of color temperature on flash tubes and protection domes (UV-coating).




With the ambition to strengthen the collaboration between Glaskomponent in Sweden and Estonia Kristian Larsson takes the role as Plant Manager in Estonia.




Management visit China to build stronger relations with suppliers of glass, quarts and consumables.




We optimize the line for coating of glass details in Estonia to the Photo Flash Industry to meet increasing demand and improve efficiency.




To meet some of our clients in USA and explore the industry for analytical instruments and medicine we participate in the Pittcon Conference and Expo in Orlando, Florida.






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